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In search of perfect: Somebody that I use to know remix

Yep, we all know or at least had heard it once - Gotye and Somebody that I use to know. The song is very catchy and I/everybody love’s it. And than some remixes came out. I listened to alot of them, and decided to search for the perfect remix of Somebody that I use to know.

And so I found these TOP remixes.

4FRNT remix

erXon remix

It’s not bad, some new tunes are inserted but I think that it’s a little to much “house” for this single. It’s too wilde for me. If you hear it in a club its great, but for every day listening it’s too hard.

Fabian Gray & Emanuele Remix

If you ask me, very great remix, love the start and how the song develops, but still, not perfect!

Tiesto remix

And than here is tiesto‘s remix which if you ask me is the best one jet. Why? And not just because it’s from Tiesto, but because you can see that he is in this business for lot’s of years and have a lot of experiences. The remix he made is “housey” and still a soft, easy pop balade. So the song didn’t lost it’s message.

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