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In search of perfect: Otherside remix!

Last day in ORTZY’s radio show Blast the speakers I heard the remix of the Red hot chilli pepers song called Otherside. The remix was from Third party and I have heard of their remixes before, but never publish anything from them! So I loved the song and had it on replay for a few days. But I from the begining I noticed that something is missing! The remix is not perfect! So I explored some more…

And I have listened to tons of Otherside remixes and found one that I think is the perfect remix.

So here are the TOP 5 resoults. I liked Franky Ripper‘s (on number 5), Tim Manson‘s (number 4) and Third Party (number 3) remix (links point to YouTube). I also liked the begining of this remix, but I dont know who is the author. Anyone have a clue?


Number 2: Funkerman remix

Number 1: Benny Benassi

So here you go! My first “In search of perfect”! Benny Benassi’s version is not perfect to me, it can be better, but from what I have heard it’s the best. If you have better remix of Otherside, write in comment or send me the link and I’ll rewiev it.

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