MqB is on vacation and will be back in spring fresh and with new manpower! Stay tuned :)



Frequently Asked Question are here. Maybe you will find something interesting.

What does MqB mean?
MqB is short for Pretty cool ha?

Is english your native language?
No, so sorry for mistakes.

How can I support you?
By joining our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, sharing videos with your friends and visit us regulary.

I am an artist, and I would like to publish something here,…
If you would like to be featured on our site in “artist’s corner“, please contact us or fill out this form and submit your song!
Please note that we cannot guarantee everything will be featured in our artist’s corner, but make sure to send us complete info, including a few pictures, banner if you have one, links form YouTube and a short biography.

I am not artist but I love music!
Than you can volunteer and help me with adding new songs, writing news or any other thing. I will teach how to do it, but dont worry. Its easy that even your grandma can do it ;)

Do you have some more questions? You can contact us anytime! Just use contact button or write to love @