sahara desert

Facts, climate and the animals in the Sahara desert

Moroccan Sahara desert is a place with harsh environment. This harsh environment makes the desert the most interesting place to visit for the travelers. Millions of the people visit it due to the unique elements that it possesses. It is the hottest and the third largest desert in the world. First largest desert in the world is the Arctic and the second largest desert in the world is the Antarctica. These deserts are the cold deserts when it comes to the climate.

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Geography of the Sahara Desert

The desert is located in the North Africa. It is surrounded by the areas of mountains and peaks. In the south of the desert, Niger valley is located. In the north region, Libya is located, and the desert reaches to the Mediterranean Sea in the north. In the western region of the sand dunes, Atlantic Ocean is found while in the east of the Sahara, red sea hills are found with their unique natural elements.

Facts about the Moroccan Sahara desert

Some of the interesting facts about Sahara are as follows:

    It is derived from the Arabic word Saharan which means the desert.

    Most of the desert receives less than an inch of the rain in a year. Rest of the it receives around 4 inches rain per year.

    Fossils of the dinosaurs are found in the Sahara which identifies the living of the dinosaurs in the area in ancient times.

Climate of the Sahara desert

The desert is famous due to its unique climatic conditions. Weather conditions are very harsh in the Sahara. A high level of the winds blows across the desert. This wind level often reaches to the hurricane which causes the wind storms and make the sand blow wildly (therefore turning into sand storm). This harsh climate reaches to the normal level for a few months in a year, and the visitors can visit the desert in that specific time. More than the half of the Sahara desert receives very little rain in the year which, on the scale, is just a few millimeters. Due to this little rainfall, the vegetation is pretty poor and plants as well as agricultural practices are uncommon in the area. Fruits and vegetables trees and plants are very rare and are often found in the region where the rain level reach to the 4 inches per year.

Animals in the Sahara desert

Many species of the animals were found in the Sahara Desert several years back as there was enough water for the animals to survive. With the passage of the time, the water availability reached to the lower level, and the animals could not survive in most of the areas of the Sahara. Fossils of the dinosaurs are found in the Sahara which reveals that a few species of the animal had been in the desert when they were not extinct. Some of the animals found in the desert are dromedary camels, tigers, addax, jackals and the rodents in the most of the areas.