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Blast the speakers!

Blast the speakers is a radio show by DJ ORTZY. I gotta admit, I have never heard of this radio show and don’t know on what radio it’s played, maybe because it’s episode 13, but if I think that it’s made only once a month it’s on the scene for over one year. I got an email from ORTZY and I took some time (59 minutes and 38 seconds to be exact) and listened to whole show on SoundCloud. And I gotta say, that anyone who loves House music will love this shit (shit in a good way:)!

Whell there is not realy much info about BlastTheSpeakers radio show, so I recommend to ORTZY that he makes a website for this program, couse it realy deserves it. If you have trouble with that, please contact me and I will help you. But I found out on Facebook (where description si wery poor) that BTS is a monthly one hour long radio show with the best/TOP music of the month. For now, there has been 13 episodes (but I only listened to 13th). In the show you can find remixes of electronic DJ gigant’s as Chuckie, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and others! So if you miss out on this show, it’s only your loss.

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